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How to find the right moisturizer!!!

face cream

Step 1: Take into consideration the elements that affect skin.

1a) Age, In your twenties, you need a higher SPF to protect your skin from future damage. In your thirties, look for hydrating products that address fine lines in the eye area. In your forties, anti- aging and your fifties and sixties, use ultra-rich, deeply moisturizing creams to treat thinning skin and intense dryness.

1b) Climate, use lighter moisturizers for summer and warm moist climate and use richer moisturizers for wintertime in cold, dry climates.

1c) Lifestyle, Are you stressed? Do you exercise? Do you get enough sleep? How’s your diet? To understand how specific behavior affects your skin, pick a time when your skin looks its best and try to recreate the circumstances that brought it. Were you sleeping more? Drinking less?

1d) Environment, Pollution and sun exposure are natural enemies of the sun, so you must cleanse skin daily and use a daytime product with SPF!

Step 2: Determine your main skincare concern? Is it visible signs of aging from sun exposure? Is it surface imperfections like flaking skin or lines and wrinkles? Is it sagging and dark shadows under the eyes?

Step 3: Put yourself in the hands of someone who understands how to help you find a product that reflects those personal needs. Go to a department store or a doctor if need be.

Step 4: Sample the product. That little dab that you try on the back of your hand at the counter can tell you a lot! Do you like the texture? The absorbency rate? The way it smells? Smooth? Ask for a sample size to try over a few days at home.

Step 5: Apply the moisturizer you selected twice a day on clean, dry skin. Use an upward motion, working across your face and then lightly stroke downward to flatten fine hairs. Don’t forget your neck and decolletage!

-Extra Tips-

* Cleanse skin: Never go to bed or get up in the morning without washing your face!

* Follow with a peel or refinisher. A skin refinisher helps perfect the surface of the skin and reduces imperfections. Refinishers also help balance skin by adjusting skin’s moisture content and oil production. These can be used twice a week and offer a gentle at home alternative to microdermabrasion.

* Apply a prevention serum. This is the number one skin concern today. Look for a gentle, retinol free correcting serums that reduce the look of fine, dry lines instantly.

* Repair. Products that help repair past damage and prevent visible signs of aging are an absolute must in my routine. They can significantly reduce the look of existing lines and prevent future signs of aging. Skin will look younger, healthier, and less lined by using these repair serums morning and night.

* Moisturize. The main objective of moisturizers is to keep skin comfortable, provide protection, and improve skin’s appearance. Today’s moisturizers are multitaskers! They help create a perfectly controlled climate for your skin that adapts to the multiple causes of dehydration.

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