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How to deal with a Blemish!

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A blemish can be caused by any one of several factors, from hormone disorders and touching the face with dirty hands to using the wrong skin care products, and/or receiving treatments that are not appropriate for one’s skin type. If you are prone to blemishes, contact a specialist. But if you only get the occasional blemish, you can handle it on your own- as long as you stay focused on antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatments the lead to healing. This does not include squeezing! I know we all do it, but DON”T!!! Squeezing a blemish or pimple on your own could traumatize the skin and leave permanent damage. You might even inflame the blemish and create an area for bacteria to grow, multiplying and spreading the problem. So remember, NO SQUEEZING!!!

Step 1: Wash your hands. Your hands must always be clean when you touch your face, so washing them well is the first and most important step.

Step 2: Delicately use a cleanser on the blemish area twice a day, morning and night. Don’t scrub the spot wash it gently.

Step 3: Once the area is clean, apply an astringent. The best astringents have mint, eucalyptus, chamomile, or salicylic acid, all of which have antibacterial properties.

Use a large round cotton pad (not a cotton ball). These discs have a quilted surface so they don’t “fuzz” like regular cotton balls- these microscopic fibers from cotton balls can adhere to a blemish and actually add to the infection. Place the cotton pad across the middle fingers of your hand (palm side up) and hold it flat by tucking the edges under your little finger and index finger. Dampen the surface with astringent and wipe your face and neck with long, smooth strokes.

Step 4: Apply a dab of a facial mask. Use a mask with camphor, mint, eucalyptus, magnesium, or copper as an ingredient, for its disinfectant and healing properties. Although masks are most effective when used as a weekly or bi weekly treatment, you can also target the blemished area specifically. The area immediately around the blemish should not be treated with moisturizer as it will only exacerbate the spreading of bacteria.

Step 5: Apply a blemish treatment product, then apply concealer if you are feeling subconscious or have an important date. When used with a pimple treatment product, concealer can help to cover up a blemish, but it should never be applied directly to a blemish. Always apply a blemish treatment product first, let it dry, and then layer on your concealer and then foundation, but only if you clean the area before you go to bed.


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