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How To Maintain A Shapely Brow!


                                         How to maintain a shapely brow!!!

Step1: Ditch the wax. The skin around your eye area is 20 percent less dense than anywhere else on your body. So why would you take the thinnest tissue you have, apply hot wax to it with an ice cream stick, and then- after it opens the pores, deposits itself inside, and turns itself into a candle- rip it off????

Step 2: Get yourself tweezers with strong spring action and pointy tips. In finding your eyebrow line, three hairs can make a difference. The precision you need is in the tweezing single hairs. When tweezers have square or slanted edge, you can end up with more than one hair at a time.

Step 3: Be sure you have the proper amount of light and magnification before you begin to tweeze. Prime time for tweezing your brows is daytime, in a place where there’s plenty of natural light- not in your car at a stop light. Alternatively, use a well-lit mirror. Depending upon your level of eyesight, you can use a magnifying mirror that ranges from 3x to 10x. But remember: No matter how enlarged the view of your eye area, trying to get every single hair is what gives your brow an unnatural line. Your body is covered in hair for a reason; leave a little humanity in your eyebrow.

Step 4: Before you tweeze, apply toner or astringent to the entire brow and surrounding skin. This doesn’t just prepare the skin; it takes the moisture out of the hair so the tweezers won’t slip.

Step 5: Start tweezing under your arch and walk into your natural line. Don’t start tweezing at the front of your brow, and don’t fight your natural arch. What is vital to finding the arch is that the hair on top of your eyebrow is not touched. You can see how that hair crests and then begins to slope downward at the end of the brow- that determines your natural arch. Once you wax or tweeze the hair on top your eyebrow, your brow is no longer naturally shaped. It’s manmade!

Step 6: Tweeze in between your brows. The best rule of thumb is to use your thumb! Place one thumb on the bridge of your nose between your eyes (upside down, with your hand in front of your forehead). Observe the space covered by your thumb- do not roll your thumb from side to side. Anything under your thumb can go.

-Extra Tips-

For grooming, use a clean, soft, flat bristle toothbrush and always brush your eyebrows in the direction the hair grows. That doesn’t just mean up. Follow the shape, and resist the temptation to trim unruly hairs. Eyebrow hair is not like head hair. When you cut it, it goes into shock and gets wiry.

If your brows are extra thick and unruly, don’t try to control them with hairspray or hair care products. Use clear mascara “brow tamer” instead: Everyone makes one and it comes with the application wand.

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