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How to go Glossy!!!!


How to go Glossy!!!

     When it comes to a “look”, there are a few important accessories and beauty items that can transform a person: a statement-making handbag or exquisite shoes, or an eyelash curler and mascara that open up the eyes in unbelievable ways. Lip gloss is one of those essential tools. More than lipstick, lip gloss has the power to be the first thing you notice on a person when she enters a room. Most of this has to do with the shine factor-that’s what makes glossy sexy, and it’s also what helps plump up the lips without any of those trendy “lip plumping” ingredients.

Step 1: If you’re experiencing some dryness, prime your lips for gloss by massaging a little lip balm over them and then blotting off the excess. Be careful: To much balm on your lips will dilute your gloss’s pigment and longevity.

Step 2: If you want your lip gloss to stay on as long as possible, line your lips, and then fill them in with your liner before glossing. This will also help minimize feathering. Liner can be used to accent or deepen your color as well as to give you more defined look. Pick a complementary shade and apply it. There are three ways to go: along the natural lip line. Staying inside the line will make lips appear slightly smaller; going outside does the opposite. The best way is to just keep it natural. (Too often we see women who draw lip liner way past the natural lip line and they end up looking clownish.)

Step 3: Apply the gloss in layers. Applying lip gloss is pretty self-explanatory, but some glosses also have the ability to layer very well. If you just apply a light first coat, the pigment will remain subtle. If you keep applying layers of gloss, much the same way you do with mascara, you’ll get to a color that pops off the lips. Lip gloss is also fun to layer over other colors or even lipstick. Use your gloss to punch some shimmer into an old matte lipstick you have lying around.

Step 4: Give yourself a little sexy pout for a finishing touch. Dab a bit of light, shimmery lip gloss (something with a gold or silver hue works best) in the center of your bottom lip. This is a tired and true beauty trick that all of the pros use.

Extra Tip:

My Lips are too flaky!

  Moisten your lips with water or lip balm, then run an old, softened toothbrush over your lips. Don’t bother with the lip balms that are made with exfoliating beads. Those never work as well as a good ol’ toothbrush!

How to Choose a Gloss!!

Keep these essentials in mind when making your choice…

  • Consistency: Look for gloss that has a balmy, creamy consistency, it should feel emollient, not sticky.
  • Pigment: Good lip gloss should have some color to it- an even, vibrant wash. But beware of brands with too much pigment, you end up having to blot them down.
  • Scent: Unscented gloss tends to smell chemically, whereas some scented glosses can be saccharine sweet. Choose a smart gloss that has scent only on application and won’t overwhelm you or others.
  • Application: Lip gloss should always come with its own applicator. What woman wants to stick her finger into a pot of lip gloss? A brush is great, but it won’t yield as much control as an angled, “doe foot” sponge-tip applicator.
  • Longevity: If a lip gloss has a good creamy base and a thorough, though not overpowering, pigment, it should last at least an hour on your lips. Gloss that’s reapplied every hour or so will always keep a woman looking refreshed and put together.

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