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All About Eye Shapes! Do you know yours???

eye shape

Do you know your eye shape??

Read on and you will find everything you need to know about all eye shapes!

Eye Shapes

  • Golden Rule: Highlighting an area with a light color or shimmery texture will make it stand out, a dark color or matte texture will deepen the area or make it recede.
  • Close-Set Eyes– If the space between your eyes is less than the width of one eye, you have close set eyes. To create the illusion that the eyes are farther apart, emphasize the outer part of the eyes with a darker eyeshadows, and use a pale color on the inner part.

Pro Tricks

  1. Pale eyeshadow on the inner three-quarters of your lids gives the impression of more space between the eyes.
  2. Emphasize the outer third of your lids with a darker color and blend it out to elongate the eyes.
  3. Highlight under the browbone and on the tear ducts.
  4. Keep eyeliner to the outer corners and smudge it inward. Draw a fine line that takes up less lid space.
  5. Create the illusion of larger eyes by using nude or flesh-colored eyeliner on the waterline (inner rims).
  6. A touch of bright eyeshadow right in the middle of the eyelids will magnify your eyes.
  7. Use a taupe eyeshadow underneath the bottom lashes to create the effect of slightly larger eyes.
  8. Emphasize the outer lashes with more mascara.
  • Wide-Set Eyes– If the space between your eyes is greater than the width of one eye, you have wide-set eyes. To make the eyes seem closer together, draw the focus inward by emphasizing the inner half of the eyes with deep colors, and keeping lighter colors to the outer half of the eyes.

Pro Tricks

  1. You can use eyeliner all around the eyes, even on the inner rims, so a smokey eye will work well on you.
  2. Avoid a cat’s eye shape or a flick at the outer corners, as they will make your eyes seem more wide-set.
  3. Apply a dark, matte eyeshadow at the inner corners and blend it to about one-third of the way across the eyelids.
  4. Blend a lighter shade toward the outer corners, but don’t take it beyond the eyes.
  5. Emphasize the sockets, concentrating on the inner half of the eyes and blending it to fade toward the outer corners.
  6. Concentrate mascara application on the inner lashes.
  • Prominent eyes– If your eyes protrude from your face, you have prominent eyes. Use dark colors and matte textures on the upper and lower lids to push the eyes back, and highlight the brow bones to bring them forward. Avoid light-reflecting eyeshadows, which will bring the lids farther forward.

Pro Tricks 

  1. Focus on matte, velvety, or soft pearl textures on the lids, but avoid anything with too much shimmer.
  2. Use camels, taupes, and darker shades, not bright colors that will draw attention to the lids.
  3. Don’t emphasize the sockets, and focus on contouring.
  4. Apply the same color eyeshadow along the bottom lash lines, especially at the outer corners, blending it softly inward. This will set the entire eye area slightly back.
  5. If you wear eyeliner, keep it soft and blend it up into the eyeshadow, so there are no hard lines along the roots of the lashes.
  • Deep-Set Eyes– If your eyes are sunk into the sockets, or if your lids are heavy with prominent bones, you have deep-set eyes. Bring the eyes forward, using lighter colors to lessen the shadows on the inside corners and upper lash lines, and make the brow bones recede with deeper colors.

Pro Tricks

  1. Apply light shimmery eyeshadow on the eyelids up to the sockets to bring the lids forward.
  2. Blend an eyeshadow one shade darker than your skin tone into the sockets, focusing on the outer corners, to give depth and definition.
  3. Draw eyeliner along the upper lash lines to just past the outer corner, keeping it fine so as not to lose lid space. You could also try tightlining.
  4. Line the lower lashes from the outer corners inward, to just below the pupil, and smudge gently.
  5. Curl the lashes to open up the eyes, then apply lots of volumizing mascara on the top lashes only.
  6. If your lids are hooded, blend a darker shade from the lash lines to the sockets to push them back. Line both lash lines, focusing on elongating the eyes- feline shapes and flicks works well.
  • Downward- Sloping Eyes– If your eyes tilt down at the outer corners, they can make you look sad and tired. Focus on bringing the outer corners of the eyes up with deep colors- a flick would work well. Use a pale color under the outer corner of the eyes to create “lift”.

Pro Tricks

  1. When you use eyeliner, draw it from the center of the upper lash line outward but instead of following the natural shape of the eye as it slopes down, concentrate on creating lift.
  2. If you use eyeliner on the lower lash lines, stop just in from the outer corners and smudge it for a soft effect.
  3. Apply a pale or mid-color eyeshadow over the whole lid, then blend a darker shade into the socket, but start lifting it a fraction in from the outer corners and blend it outward and upward.
  4. Curl the lashes well to help open the eyes.

See y’all next week!!

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