How to walk in high heels!!! (The right way)

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How to walk in high heels!! 

  1. Put your head up, shoulders back. Heels tend to pitch your weight forward, so straightening up- and tightening your core- will offset some of the pressure on your feet.
  2. Take baby steps. Striding in a normal heel-to-toe motion can snap a stiletto. When you’re elevated take short steps, going down evenly on the ball of the foot and heal.
  3. Spread ’em. As your weight shifts fully onto a foot, splay your toes in the shoe slightly; this will help to distribute the weight onto the ball of the foot.
  4. Get Hippy. When you’re feeling off-balance, you tend to stiffen up. For an easier momentum swing your hips in small, sideways, figure-eight motions.
  5. Shop Smarter. When scouting for your next set of heels, know that the farther forward the arch, the less you will teeter-totter.



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