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How to find an ideal lipstick!!!

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How to find an ideal lipstick!!

  • The News In Hues

Lipstick, like clothing, has become seasonless; matching your own coloring is the goal now. Roughly, cooler tones (those on the bluer end of the spectrum) work better for for fairer skin, and warmer tones (those closer to red and orange) work best for darker skin. Say you’re trying to choose a shade of pink: A warm pink is peachy; a cool pink is more mauve. Or try a shade that pros say looks beautiful on nearly everyone: a sheer berry, a subtle pink, or a light brown or nude spiked with gold, bronze or red.

  • Perfect Timing

Choose your color for different times of day. From 9 to 5, warm and creamy shades (more pink, less red) will look best, especially under harsh office lights. Evening light is more forgiving, so smooth on the sheer fuchsia (for fair skin) or brick red (for olive skin).

  • Matte or Sheer?

The formula- gloss, stain, sheer or matte- matters too. Generally, the wetter the texture, the less long-wearing but more goof-proof. We all know how easy it is to spread on some gloss and go- and how quickly it disappears from our lips. A drier stain grips and holds, in the middle is best for day: a sheer lipstick is more permanent than gloss but easier to apply than a matte or stain. Save the heavy gloss, and the shimmery stuff, for night.

  • Mix Master

A final pointer: Combining one part lipstick, one part gloss to create a custom color is an inexpensive way to broaden your lip wardrobe. Brighten a brown stick with a dab of pink gloss, or lighten a dark shade with a clear gloss.

Crazy Fun Fact: Did you know the average woman consumes 6lbs of lipstick in a lifetime! That’s crazy, huh?

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