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How to undo a beauty mishap!!!

beauty mistakes

How to undo a beauty mishap!!!

  • Mishap: too much blush- Sprinkle translucent powder on a makeup sponge (or brush) and blend over the too-bright color. The trick is to blend the color in toward the apples of the cheeks instead of out toward your ears. If cheeks still look too intense, go over them again with your foundation brush that you used to apply your foundation to clean it up. (Don’t add any foundation to the brush, the left over foundation will clean it up.)
  • Mishap: eyebrow gap- To fill an undesired void, brush brow hairs in the opposite direction of growth so the bare area becomes more visible, then use an ultrafine brow pencil to cover it light, hair-length strokes. Finally, brush the brow back into place.
  • Mishap: streaky self-tanner- To soften too much color in one spot, stroke the area with lemon wedge (citric acid is a natural exfoliant) or a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide. To fill in light streaks, even out color by applying tinted self-tanner with the edge of a make-up wedge, or brush on a matte bronzer with a small blush brush.
  • Mishap: perfume overdose- To remove a fragrances concentrated oil base, rub skin with an unscented baby wipe or a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol. To vaporize a scent that you’ve oversprayed on clothing blast fabric with a hair dryer for 30 seconds.
  • Mishap: too light highlights- It’s best to have your colorist truly bungled highlights, but while you wait for an appointment, wash your hair twice with a caramel-hued color-depositing shampoo to deepen highlights and add a rich color.
  • Mishap: too-short bangs- Weigh the hair down by dampening it and adding gel, then comb to one side and secure with a bobby pin ( or two; you want the bangs to recede into the hairline, not to fall straight from the pin). If some of the skimpy fringe won’t reach to the side, try adjusting your part slightly toward the center and combing the rest of the bangs to the opposite side.
  • Mishap: stiff hairspray- Use a wide-tooth comb on small sections of hair, starting at the ends and working up to the roots. Rub a dime-size dollop of hand cream between your hands and run your fingers through the over-sprayed spot to take away the crackle and add moisture. Shake your head upside down afterward, since some cheaper sprays flake once the formula is broken up.
  • Mishap: product overload- Went a little heavy with the styling serum? Dust your hands with baby powder, rub them together well, and scrunch the greasy section. The same process also works with dry shampoo.
  • Mishap: smudged polish- Dip the pad of a finger from the opposite hand into the nail polish remover and gently blend away the smear with your finger. Add a coat of clear polish instead of more color (which would make that nail darker than the others).
  • Mishap: Clumpy mascara- Act immediately, since mascara is formulated to dry in seconds. Wipe all the formula off your mascara wand with a piece of paper napkin or paper towel and wiggle the wand gently from side to side, from the roots to the tips of lashes.

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