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How to Shop Smart!!

smart shopping

How to Shop Smart!!

  1. Know what you need. Always have a list. It can be in your head or on paper, but the point is to zero in on what you need so you’re not overwhelmed at the mall.
  2. Be sure about it. Ask yourself, “Do I love it? Does it look great on me? Will I wear it? And don’t buy it unless the answer is an emphatic yes.
  3. Dress For Action. Wear clothes that are easy to get into and out of and shoes that slip on. And you’ll be happier if you put on a little makeup.
  4. Buy Classics. Don’t feel guilty about spending more for classic pieces such as a wool trousers, pumps, or a leather handbag. Spend less on trendier items.
  5. Amortize the cost. Is the $1,000 coat way too much or within reason? Calculate the cost per wear and factor in how many seasons you might wear it.
  6. Avoid the Crowds. If you can sacrifice a weekday morning for shopping (before the lunch rush), you’ll be rewarded with emptier stores and less harried salespeople.
  7. Mix and Match. Style today is often more about mixing and matching than outfits. Try buying pieces that work together to solve the “what do I wear this with?” question.
  8. Know Yourself. Be honest about what styles flatter your body type best and are appropriate for your age. And always shop for the size you are now.
  9. Feel Chipper. Don’t shop when you’re really tired- or when you have only two hours to find something to wear to a party.
  10. Go with Neutrals. When buying inexpensive items, stick with neutral colors since cheap fabrics look that way in bright shades.


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