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How to Control Clutter for the New Year!!

clutter out

How to Control Clutter for the New Year!!!

  1. Visualize. Imagine your house filled with things you love to look at (and not mounds of clutter). Imagine knowing instantly where something is located when you need it (without rooting through the junk drawer). Feeling motivated?
  2. Throw stuff out. The next step to making the harmony happen is being ruthless about pitching things you’re not using and don’t love. Make up rules if you have to: Throw out magazines you haven’t read in a month or clothes you haven’t worn in a year.
  3. Move things around. Go about your routine for a week and notice if the things you use everyday are easily accessible. Why are you stashing your hair dryer on the lowest shelf of your linen closet when it’s a pain to reach down to retrieve it every morning? Jot down what needs to be moved and take a Saturday to do it.
  4. Know your weaknesses. Understand your own biggest bugaboo and find an easy, fail-safe and visually pleasing solution. If you can never find your keys when you need them, install a sleek shelf by your door. Place a beautiful bowl atop it. Drop in your keys.
  5. Add storage. The three rules to getting organized: containers, containers, containers. Whether woven baskets, canvas boxes, or clear tubs, buy extra of them and use to hold like with like.
  6. Lighten up. Consider lighting some cupboards. You can buy inexpensive battery-operated fixtures at a hardware store and attach them to a cabinet door or wall.
  7. Get mail under control. Battling clutter daily means dealing with the incoming mail everyday. Open it with a waste basket and shedder nearby so you can complete the task in one sitting.
  8. Relax! Finally, give yourself a break once in a while. If you honestly can’t decided whether to keep some could-be clutter, box it up and set it aside, but flag it with a date. If you haven’t come back to it within a year, chances are it should go to Goodwill.

  Hope ya’ll all have a good New Year! Stay organized, happy and safe! See ya’ll next year!!!! Love ya’ll!!!


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