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How to Pick Your Foundation!!!


How to Pick Your Foundation!!!

  • Tinted Moisturizer Coverage is: Minimal: These  sheer formulas can help even out skin tone, but they won’t conceal dark spots or blemishes. Who can use: clear complexions and normal to dry skin are perfect candidates for this barely there base. Application: Start in the center of your face and blend from both sides of your nose out to the edges, working in sections.
  • Liquid– Coverage is: Sheer to Medium: A liquid is ideal for veiling an uneven tone while still exposing flattering freckles. Who can use: This works for most skin types. Use an oil-free version for oily skin; avoid water-based formulas for dry skin. Application: Start with the forehead, nose, and chin, then blend across the cheeks. Apply with a brush; blend with fingers.
  • Stick Coverage is: Medium to heavy: These easy-to-apply foundations can conceal blotches while still looking sheer. Who can use: No-fuss formulas like these are great for women and men on the go whose skin needs a little camouflaging. Application: The trick here is blending, either with a sponge (ovals are easiest for grabbing base from the stick) or your fingers.
  • CreamCoverage is: Medium to heavy: For a dewy look, mix a little bit with moisturizer. But do not dilute it if you need full coverage. Who can use: Dry, flaky or dull skin with fine pores is best served. This formula sometimes exaggerates large pores. Application: Blending it with your fingertips makes all the difference, since you can control how much goes on.
  • Cream to PowderCoverage is: Medium, matte: These formulas offer a smooth, even finish. You can layer on more if you need to mask uneven tone. Who can use: Normal-to-oily skin benefits most from these soft, weightless bases. Avoid if your face is typically dry. Application: Use a highly absorbent sponge (wet/dry) to smooth on makeup. Replace the sponge often.
  • PowderCoverage is: Medium: The newer formulas make skin look soft and fresh, rather than giving a geisha-like matte. Who can use: People with oily skin and large pores can minimize problems with a puff. Stay away if you have dry areas. Application: Use a big fluffy powder brush to create a sheer look. For heavier coverage a sponge is best.

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