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How to get smooth skin!!!


How to get smooth skin!!

  • Wash –  Dry skin? Not what we’d call simply irresistible. If your skin is less then glowing, you may be over-cleansing with a soap that dries or irritates your skin and removes its natural moisture barrier. Especially if your skin is sensitive, try a “soap-free” liquid product or a glycerin soap instead. And keep your shower tepid-and short. While cold water won’t dissolve the substances in soap well enough to get you completely clean, lingering for more than 10 to 15 minutes will suck moisture from your skin.
  • Exfoliate – We recommend at least weekly exfoliation to keep your skin smooth. Scrub skin while it’s dry, before showering, so your product doesn’t wash away before it has done its sloughing. Give special attention to rough, dry areas like the elbows, knees, and back of heels by exfoliating with a body brush in gentle, circular motions. And don’t forget your back. If you have sensitive skin, skip possibly irritating scrubs and exfoliate with a wash that contains glycolic or salicylic acid instead.
  • Moisturize – Stock up on the economy sizes of body lotion and, if you want truly baby-smooth skin, apply lotion at least twice a day. If your feet are especially dry, put on socks after you moisturize at night to seal in moisture while you sleep. And always lube up after showering or shaving; apply lotion to damp, plumped-up skin will seal in the most hydration. To hide cellulite, consider a body moisturizer with self-tanner, or follow your moisturizer with a hydrating body oil, since the instant sheen with distract from any imperfections. Also consider purchasing an arsenal of different products: Try a body lotion with SPF for day, an in-shower moisturizer to save time after your workout, and a no-frills formula for night.

Extra Tip: The human body sheds approximately 150,000 cells a day!!!!!


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