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How to do shimmer the right way!!!!


How to do shimmer they right way!!!

  1. Choose your shade. Make sure the highlighter you’re using looks as if it melts into your skin. Roughly, silvery or platinum shades suit fair, porcelain complexions. Light to medium skin tones most radiant and healthy in pale roses or golds, If you have brown skin, go for bronze tones.
  2. Gleam On. Test shimmer first on your hand to make sure you’ve got the right product. It should have a soft, evening gleam, not chunks of glitter.
  3. Layer it. If you’re layering shimmer on top of foundation, don’t use a sponge, since it can remove base. Instead, use fingers with a cream and a soft brush with powder.
  4. Make eyes POP! A little highlighter under the arches of the brows can make eyes look bigger, but be sure you don’t  choose a shade that’s too white. The best shade for very light complexions is pearly with a touch of gold or beige.
  5. Hide Wrinkles.  To downplay wrinkles and make dry skin look smooth and poreless and apply a thin layer or understated shimmer under foundation.
  6. Create a Pucker. To make lips poutier, use a small brush to apply a dab of loose shimmer powder to the Cupid’s bow (the V-Shaped indent on the upper lip) and the center of the bottom lip.
  7. Use Cream or Powder?? Shimmer comes in lots of formulas, for many purposes.Creams, which make skin look dewy, works on normal to dry complexions. Powders have the highest wattage because they lack the dulling blinders that keep pigment pressed into a cream or liquid.

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