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How to look well-rested!!!


How to look well-rested!!!

  1. Lie Down Again- Reduce eye bags by lying down with slices of cold, raw potato over your eyes. A brewed tea bag soaked overnight in cold milk will also work.
  2. Wake Up Your Face- Reduce bloating with a washcloth soaked in icy water. And put your moisturizer in the fridge – a cold cream can help constrict blood vessels.
  3. Get Moving- Try using a jump rope for three to five minutes. Don’t overload on caffeine to combat fatigue; drink your normal amount, then drink water all day to rehydrate.
  4. Add Some Glow- Splash on cold water spiked with witch hazel or lavender oil. Massage your face to promote circulation. Then smooth on a tinted moisturizer.
  5. Focus On Eyes- Tilt your head down a bit as you apply concealer so you can see the areas of shadow to cover. Curl your lashes to make eyes look bigger and more awake.


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