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How to Pick A Makeup Brush!!!


How to Pick A Makeup Brush!!

  • Powder – Large with soft, natural bristles. Dip into loose or pressed powder, shake or tap off excess, and dust over skin to set foundation.
  • Foundation – Use this flat, firm brush with preferably synthetic bristles to apply foundation, using short downward strokes from forehead to chin.
  • Concealer – To deposit cover-up just where you want it, use a small, flat, blunt-edge version with synthetic bristles.
  • Eye Shadow – Sweep shadow on lids and highlighter on the brow bones with brush’s flat sides; use the tip to define creases.
  • Highlighter – The fine, feather-light design works to dust subtle, glittery highlights on cheekbones for evenings out.
  • Liquid Eye Liner – Better than other applicators for applying fast-setting liquid or cream liners along the lash line.
  • Lip – You want it firm, but flexible to place color precisely. Choose a rounded or flat-tip version- your choice.
  • Shadow Eyeliner – This is small and firm, with bristles and a slightly rounded tip for smudging the line once you draw it.
  • Blush – Look for a size as big as the apples of your cheeks. The rounded shape and fluffy bristles make for easy blending. (No clown face.)
  • Brow – You want a stiff, angled version to fill in sparse brows with dots of eye shadow.


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