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How to look better in photos!!!

imagesHow to Look Better In Pictures!!!

  1. Face. To avoid looking as if you have a double chin, straighten your neck, relax your shoulders, then push your chin out slightly downward.
  2. Hair. Traditional undoes can look severe on film. To soften features, either leave your hair down or do a partial undo, letting hair in front fall forward to frame your face.
  3. Smile. A model’s advice: Place the tip of your tongue behind your top front teeth as you smile to relax facial muscles and (further) avoid the double chin.
  4. Arms. Prevent sausage press: Never rest your arms against your torso; angle them back from your body (or cover up with a lace shawl or sleeves).
  5. Dress. Solid, dark colors are always the most slimming. Dipping necklines are flattering too. To focus attention on your upper body, wear something clingy.
  6. Feet. A red-carpet rip off: Position one foot in front of the other, swivel your hips, and turn feet slightly away from the camera to narrow and lengthen your image.
  7. Skin. Foundation is a must, as is cover up, for under eye circles. Natural light in a shady outdoor area is more forgiving than direct sun or a flash.
  8. Head. Try to think of something pleasant and stay focused on the camera. An authentic smile makes for a better photo then an empty one.
  9. Hands. Point them down around the edges of your hips to make that area look smaller. If you’re holding a drink, PUT IT DOWN!!
  10. Diaphragm. Breathe out just before the shot to relax your face and body. Breathing in can raise your shoulders slightly.

Hope this was helpful, and looking forward to talking to y’all again next week on its normal day Tuesday! XOXO!



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