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How to Shape Your Brows!!


How to Shape Your Brows!!!

  • Trim Stray Hairs – Shape is the big factor in making your brows a major asset, but looking tidy matters too. So invest in a pair of brow scissors, and trim hair to a uniform length. Using a brow brush or clean mascara wand, comb a section of your brow up to just above the brow line, then trim errant hairs.
  • Find the inner edge – Grab a brow pencil (if you don’t have one, any pencil will do) and lay it vertically along the right side of your nose; where the point hits should be the starting point of your ideal brow. Mark the spot and tweeze only outside the pencils edge, or you will risk making your nose look wider.
  • Locate The Arch – Next, hold the pencil at the outside of the iris. Where this point lines up with your brow should be the pinnacle of the arch, and, in a few more steps, you’ll be tweezing with this shape in mind. But remember, slightly more natural brows are always in style. You don’t want to shoot for something too skinny or dramatically arched.
  • Find the Outer Corner – Now, holding the pencil at an angle, create a line from the outer corner of your nose to the outer corner of the eye itself. The brow should end where the pencil intersects it. When you tweeze, you’ll want to make your brow taper just slightly at the end (again, subtlety is everything).
  •  Sketch In The Shape – Using a brow liner, dark eye shadow or some brow powder and a round brush, lightly sketch in your ideal eyebrow shape based on the points measured in the steps above (when in doubt, leave it thicker). Use a white pencil or a concealer stick to mark any stray hairs that fall outside the measured points.
  • Tweeze – Now you’ll fine-tune the brow shape you’ve outlined in white. Take your time and be precise; removing one hair at a time avoids mistakes. As you go, step back and look at the shape and balance from a distance; keep in mind that people tend to over pluck on their dominate side.


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