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How to Enhance Eye Make Up!!!


How to Enhance Eye Make Up!!!

  1. Start with primer – If your eye makeup never seems to stay put, try a primer before applying additional layers.
  2. Brighten Eyes – To reduce red-eye, or make tired eyes look more awake, line the inside of your lower eyelids with a flesh-toned eyeliner. A natural shade is subtler than white.
  3. Hues to use – Many people look great in coffee-hued shadows. A more surprising shade that many can wear well? Lavender. It enhances almost every eye color.
  4. Subtle liner – If black liner looks too harsh but brown doesn’t seem to blend, try gray. Start at the outer corners and work in, hugging top and bottom lash lines.
  5. Balance the face – Strong eyes? Then play down your other makeup, with a softer gloss on lips and a natural color on the cheeks.
  6. Liner notes – The secret to using liquid liner is to press (not sweep) it on using a flat, square-tip brush along the lash line. This technique paints a precise rim of definition.
  7. Fix mistakes fast – Dip a cotton swab in an oil-free moisturizer and dab the soft tip on the back of your hand until it feels almost dry. Use it to wipe away stray marks.
  8. Double your mascara – For long, full lashes without clumps, use two types of mascara: Apply a lengthening and separating mascara first, then a volumizing one.
  9. Add bronzer – Don’t forget to bronze your eyes, too. Sweep a thin line of bronzer along lower lash line to make your eye color pop.
  10. Gold and Gray – If smokey eyes are too strong for your fair complexion, try pale gold shadow and gray liner. The effect is subtle but sexy!


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