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How to Choose a Facial like a Pro!!!


How to Choose a Facial like a Pro!!!

  • Oxygen: The 411: A cool mist of pure oxygen is sprayed on the entire face, with extra focus given to fine lines and wrinkles. It should feel like a damp breeze. Claims: Oxygen hydrates the skin, making it look temporarily more dewy. It is particularly recommended for anyone with dry skin, smokers, or frequent fliers. Pro’s: Fans of the treatment say oxygen blasts give them a rosy glow. Many of the facials contain a cocktail of vitamins and nutrients that can plump up fine lines. Con’s: Got a hyperbaric chamber? That’s what you’d really need for oxygen to penetrate the skin-which means results are more feel good than official.
  • Steam/Extraction: The 411: A soothing, hydrating mask is usually applied to the face, then warm water is misted over the mask; the barrier shields the face from the moist heat. Claims: Steam opens the pores and loosens dirt trapped below. That makes extractions that follow less painful and helps oil-absorbing masks penetrate the skin deeply. Pro’s: After a few minutes of steaming, skin softens and is more elastic. Exfoliation and warm steam open the pores so extractions are easier to do with less risk of scarring. Con’s: Too much heat can cause irritation, dehydration, and broken capillaries. Overly zealous extractions (squeezing pimples) can push the fluid deeper and cause marks.
  • Chemical Peel: The 411: Pads soaked in acid (typically glycollic, lactic or salicylic) are wiped on the face to exfoliate dead dulling cells from the surface of your skin. Claims: Your face will be left smooth and glowing. Quick, mild peels of about 30 percent glycollic acid are sometimes used before big events to prep skin for makeup. Pro’s: glycollic¬†can stimulate collagen production to smooth fine lines, lactic acids can correct brown spots, and salicylic acids prevent breakouts by cleaning out pores. Con’s: Burns are always a risk, especially from peels with strong acids and low pH’s Physicians need to closely monitor the procedure.
  • Microdermabrasion: The 411: Skin is sprayed with small crystal particles that mechanically polish the top layer (like a sandblaster), while a gentle vacuum sucks away dead cells and debris. Claims: Pores appear smaller, freckles look lighter, and fine lines are less noticeable. The procedure is more intense and effective than a scrub because it gets into every pore. Pro’s: Dark spots can be lessened, but the procedure won’t get rid of wrinkles. The process does improve acne, as crystals remove dead skin cells that trap dirt. Con’s: The more clogged the skin, the coarser the tool needs to be. And that could lead to irritation later. But keep in mind, microdermabrasion itself should not feel painful.

Hope this makes choosing a facial easier. See y’all next week! Love ya! xoxo


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