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How to Dress Your Body Type!!!


How to Dress Your Body Type!!

  • Issue: Pear-shaped – To downplay a larger bottom,emphasize your upper body with clothes that have strong shoulders. You could try a structured jacket (avoid anything with actual shoulder pads) or an off-the-shoulder or wide scoop neck top. Both options help create a horizontal line across the shoulders that balances out curves below. Wearing texture or details on top will also draw the eye up. Skirts can be another easy option for you; an A-line shape offers subtle camouflage, and a full skirt with a well-defined waist can work too.
  • Issue: Short-waisted –  A long top with a short skirt is one solution. A dress with an Empire waist (one that sits above your natural waist) is almost universally flattering. Eliminating the waistband of a skirt (or choosing styles without one) can elongate your body and narrow the line across the hips. A belt also offers an easy way to move your waist up or down. (In your case you’ll want a wide style that hits just above your hips when you wrap it around a knit dress or buckle it over a blouse. Generally avoid looping anything around your natural waist.) With pants, those that hit halfway between the belly button and pelvic area help a short waist.
  • Issue: Long-waisted – To downplay the length of your torso, wear tops that sit right at the waistband and are either blousy or shapely. A silk blouse with a tying sash can work well; so can a shorter sweater that narrows to a wide band. Avoid short and boxy tops. Long waists can also get a visual boost  from wide-leg pants that have a natural waist (for obvious reasons, avoid low-rise). Wear with heels, which elongate the legs.
  • Issue: Short – Your goal is to create an unbroken line that gives the illusion of stature. Wearing one color from head to toe accomplishes that mission; so do tailored pieces without a lot of volume. If you long for a little volume, your generally safer with a blouson than a circle skirt. And the sleeker you can go on the bottom, the more options you have for fullness up top. Of course, heels help, and you should have your pants penned with a pair of specific shoes in mind (the longer you can leave your pants, the better). But don’t wear heels that are so high you look off balance; it takes a long leg to handle four-inch spikes!
  • Issue: Boyish – Got a push-up bra? It can do wonders to create a little more oomph with evening wear. You can create some curves below with a straight skirt that hits just above the knees and is a bit pegged- that is, sloping in as it goes from hips to knees. A wide belt sitting on your hip bones can also create shape. And look for fabrics and cuts with movement, like jersey, silk, bias cuts and pleats.
  • Issue: Full-bosomed – While a scoop neck isn’t your best neckline. a V can be quite flattering, even if it shows a bit of cleavage. If you’re more modest layer a dark color beneath a gray V-neck sweater. You’ll create a minimizing optical illusion. If you’re more comfortable in higher necklines, something square can be flattering, since it shows  off your collarbone. You can also approach, wearing a darker color on top than you do on the bottom, to draw attention away from your bosom. For similar reasons you’ll get a lot of use out of a fitted black blazer.


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