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How to do a Salon-Like Blowout!!!!



How to do a Salon-Like Blowout!!

  • Prep and Control- After washing, conditioning and detangling with a wide tooth comb, squeeze excess water from hair. Work through about a penny size amount of volumizer, detangler or styling lotion. Now blow-dry most of the moisture from the roots only, shaking out hair with fingers for extra lift.
  • Divide to Conquer- Separate hair into two sections; twist each and secure with clips. You’ll start blow-drying at the front of the crown, since the hairlines the first to start frizzing. To speed drying time and reduce frizz, use a round ceramic brush and an ionic dryer. When you’re finished with the top section, pin it loosely on top of your head and quickly start on the bottom half.
  • Perfect Your Technique- Don’t make the common mistake of over-drying ends. Instead, start with the brush under a section of hair as close to the scalp as possible.  Then have the nozzle of the dryer follow the brush as you slowly pull the brush down the hair shaft, from roots to ends. Repeat until the section is dry.


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