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How to use Concealer like a Pro!!!



How to use Concealer like a Pro!!!

  • Choose Two – Making one concealer do double duty for your underage circles and blemishes is the main cause of unnatural-looking coverage. So pick a thick, dry formula to hide redness and bumps. And find a moist or liquid formula for under your eyes that won’t emphasize fine lines as something cagier could. To avoid the Kabuki look, you can also mix concealer with an eye cream containing vitamin C, white tea or green tea (to brighten skin) and caffeine (to tighten blood vessels).
  • Prime, Brush, Pat – If your concealer tends to be gone by midday- or if you have oily skin- improve staying power with a skin primer. Then apply concealer with a small-bristle brush (like a lip brush) instead of greasier fingers. A brush will also deposit the product just where you want it. Always pat (don’t rub) to blend, and set your handiwork with translucent powder. And keep in mind that concealers, like most cosmetics, last six months to a year, although liquid formulas break down faster.
  • Know Your Tone – To cover an under eye circles, choose a peach-or yellow-toned concealer since these shades tend to cancel out darkness without looking fake. When picking a product don’t go any lighter than your skin tone, or the concealer will appear grayish. To apply, start at the inner corner of the eye and apply a thin layer over the dark area with a brush. Blend gently patting with your ring finger. To cover facial redness, mix a bit of green color-corrector tint in with your foundation, then apply a beige-toned (not pink) concealer.
  • Treat as Necessary – To be sure concealer doesn’t make your blemishes worse, choose a product with Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid or Sulfur, which can actually speed up healing. Avoid makeup with pore-clogging mineral oil or petrolatum. Brushes, instead of a sponge applicators, will prevent cross-contamination for acne-prone skin, especially if you wash them regularly with a brush cleaner.

That’s all for this week!

Hope y’all like the blog and this helps with your conceal mishaps!

I love y’all and keep smiling! xoxo


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