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How to Fake a Tan (Perfect for Summer)!!!


How to Fake a Tan (Perfect for Summer)!!!


  1. Do Your Face – If you’re using self-tanner on your face, you should always put the most color on the higher points, where the sun would normally hit you first: your nose, cheekbones, forehead and the tip of your chin. Then dilute with an equal amount of moisturizer for the rest of your face. (Be sure to use a headband to keep your hair out of the way during application.)
  2. Which Formula? Cream or gel tanners are easier to control than lotions or sprays and therefore best for first-timers.
  3. Pick A Shade – If a company offers different products in lighter or darker shades, choose the one that corresponds to your skin tone, not the type of tan you’d like to achieve. The type of formula will also slightly affect the shade. The emollients in creamy formulas, for instance, dilute the active ingredient in self-tanner, making the color lighter and better for fairer skin. Gel formulations are drier than creams and work well with medium skin tones. And since the drier the formula, the less diluted the color, oil-free sprays often work best for people with darker skin tones.
  4. Exfoliate And Moisturize – Always exfoliate before you fake-bake to remove dead skin cells that could make tanners streaky and uneven. And then- because the chemical DHA (the active ingredient common in all tanners) tends to bind more to drier, thicker skin- moisturize well. Pay special attention to knees, elbows, heels and toes to prevent them from absorbing too much color.
  5. Protect Your Hands – Wear latex gloves to keep your palms from darkening. Use a cotton ball to put tanner on the back of your hands, and wipe a clean tissue over knuckles and in between fingers to make sure no excess tanner collects there.
  6. Add A Tint – For maximum  control choose a tinted self-tanner that lets you see where you’re applying it. Color guides in some products also indicate spots that need extra blending, then disappear as they penetrate. A general rule of thumb is to use slightly less tanner than the amount of body lotion you’d usually use, and to rub in about a quarter-size dollop at one time.
  7. Dry, Dry Again – Wet skin can cause streaking. So make sure you towel-dry completely if you shower before you tan.
  8. Take Time To Dry – Always add 15 minutes to the drying time provided on the product instructions, just to be safe. You can speed things up slightly with a hair dryer. If you can’t wait, put on loose, dark clothing, avoiding nylon! And try to apply tanner in a dry, not humid, room for the best results.
  9. Protect Hair – When bottle-bronzing your face, tie back your hair and dab a bit of petroleum jelly around the hairline and on the eyebrows to protect them from stains. Apply a precise coat of lipstick or waxy balm on your lips to shield them too.
  10. Look Behind You – Don’t forget the rear view. If you’re doing a full-body job, recruit a friend to help you. Products with a mister can help you reach areas like the backs of thighs and knees on your own.
  11. Clean Up Errors – You can correct mistakes on small areas like feet, hands and ankles with cuticle remover. To quickly fix mistakes on larger areas, exfoliate with a body scrub. And schedule a self-tan two days before a big event, since any remaining streaks will become less noticeable after two days.

Hope this helps y’all out with tanning!!!

Have a healthy and happy glowing summer!

xoxo Ashley

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