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All About the Cheeks!!!


All About the Cheeks!!!

Products for Cheeks!

       Formulations – Blush comes in various formulations including cream, powder, or stain. There are various factors to consider when choosing which formula is best for you. You should take into account the texture of your skin and how you would like to apply the blush. The season may also be a factor; you may prefer a cream formula in the summer or after a vacation when you have a tan. A stain might be better when you are not using foundation on vacation.

  • Powder – Works on most skin types and is easy to apply and blend. You need to have a powder brush to apply it and it should be used only on powdered skin. Even if your skin is just lightly dusted with translucent powder, it needs to have something on it, or blush won’t blend, giving patchy results. Matte skin toned powder blushes are used for contouring.
  • Stain – Good on younger, smooth skin; the finished look is sheer and long-lasting. Stains can be hard to blend and dry quickly, so you have to work fast. It can take some practice to get an even application. This formula works best with little or no foundation, so is especially suitable for the summer or when on vacation. Be careful; it will stain your fingers and clothes.
  • Cream – Is best suited to smooth skin and can be used on dry skin. Requires no tools or brushes to apply it can be applied with fingers or a small fiber-optic brush. It  goes on smoothly, and gives a dewy finish. It should be used only on unpowdered skin. It can take practice to get the blending right. It is hydrating, so it is suitable for dry or older skin and lasts longer than powder. Layering cream and then powder blush gives a long-lasting, strong effect.
  • Gel – Gel blush is very sheer and adds a very natural glow to the skin. Gel blush is good for oily skin, as it is oil-free. Like a stain, gel blush is fast-drying, so it needs to be worked quickly. It can be used over foundation or on bare skin.
  • Shimmers – Shimmers are good for adding a light gleam to your face. They should be used sparingly and I would recommend them only at nighttime. You can apply shimmer on your cheekbones, forehead, and in the bow of your upper lip.
  • Bronzer – Used to imitate the glow you get from the sun. It should be applied on the high points of the face where the sun would naturally warm the color of the skin. It can be used to even out redness caused by rosacea. Bronzer is available in light, medium, or dark tones and can be gel, powder, or cream. Powder is easiest to use.

Although most skin tones can wear most colors, knowing what suits you, using the right product, and applying it correctly, will give you the most flattering look and make you more confident to experiment.

Hope y’all enjoyed the blog this week and see y’all next week with another!!!

Love y’all xoxox


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