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How to Organize your Makeup!!!!

How to Organize Your Makeup!!!!

How to Organize Your Makeup!!
  1. Take Stock – Toss what you never use as well as what’s old: Powders and eye shadows should be pitched after two years; eyeliner, lipliner, lipstick, concealer and foundation after just three months.
  2. Sort – Organize your cosmetics into those you use everyday (which you’ll want to store in a handy spot, like the medicine cabinet or a nearby drawer) and those that could be moved to a satellite drawer or closet. 
  3. Organize – Group like items with like, using clear containers for small items. Leave enough room on shelves so that products are easily accessible and just as easy to put away. Cutlery trays can also help keep drawers tidy.
  4. Store – Fill a caddy with supplies for manicures. Put body products on a lazy susan if your supply shelves are packed. And wrap brushes you don’t use everyday in a soft fabric brush roll so they stay clean.


Hope this helps with your beauty products!

Leave any comments below with your makeup tidy tricks…

Love y’all and have a great day!!!

Ashley xoxo

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