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How To Color Your Own Hair!!!


How To Color Your Own Hair!!!

  • Are you warm or cool? To choose the right product from crowded shelves, you have to know a bit about you own skin-color type. In general, if you have a cool complexion (pink or ruddy skin tone, with blue veins on the upper part of your wrist), work within cool shades (look for ash, champagne, or beige). If you have a warmer complexion (yellow, olive, or darker skin, with greener veins on your wrist), try warm shades (look for copper, auburn, or red).
  • Take Baby Steps – Stay within two shades-lighter or darker- of your natural color. What that means, roughly, is this: If you have light brown hair, you can become blonde, but not light blonde. Or, as a light brunette, you could go medium or dark brown, but not black. When in doubt, go with the lighter of two choices when using at-home kits. And don’t go by the photo on the box as much as the company’s description of the color.
  • Know Your Dye – If you want to go darker and aren’t looking for a huge color commitment, try a semi permanent product. These don’t dye hair; they only deposit color. They wash out after about 24 shampoos. Semi permanents are also good for retouching roots on already treated hair. If you want to cover significant amounts of grey, try a permanent color, which removes pigment and deposits a new color. Results are lasting, so do a strand test to ensure you’re confident of your color choice.
  • Consider Streaks – Highlights are best if you want to add that sun kissed look or like some contrast with your natural color. And you don’t have to be blonde to use them. If your hair is black, for example, you can add light brown or red highlights. Plus, roots show less with this option.

Did you know??? About $1 billion is spent on hair color in the U.S. every year!!!!

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