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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Lips!!!!

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Lips!!!

Most women know how to apply lipstick. It is the most straight forward of all makeup to use and can be applied in seconds. Lips are central to the overall look of the face. The choice of lip color should balance and be in harmony with all the other makeup; you can create a makeup look based around your choice of lip color, but it should always be the last thing applied.


  •  Lipliner – Defines the lips, and increases the longevity of the lipstick. New formulas are creamier, making them easier to use then traditional drier ones.
  • Stain – Long-lasting and highly pigmented. Usually comes with its own brush for application. Can last for up to six hours but dries quickly and can be hard to wipe off if you make a mistake.
  • Gloss – Comes with its own applicator so it is very portable. Can be clear, tinted, or colored. Some glosses are specifically formulated to be plumping. Gives lips shine and makes them look fuller.
  • Tinted Balm – Good if you don’t like lipstick or glosses. Helps to soften and moisturize the lips and gives a sheer wash of color.


                When you are wearing no makeup, choose a nude lipstick shade that will match the natural color of your lips. Do not go for a nude color that is paler than your natural lips; it will make you look pasty and unwell.


  1. Hold the lipstick up to your face in good light, when you are wearing minimal makeup, and your hair is pulled off your face. Apply the lipstick with a brush, to work it into the lips, and blot firmly over the lipstick with your fingers.
  2. Pink can be flattering on anyone; you just need to find the right shade of pink to suit you. Apply lipstick in a soft pink. Then to define the lips and to prevent the lipstick sliding off, lightly apply lip pencil on top of the lipstick. Apply clear gloss on top for a fresh natural look or use a tinted gloss for more intensity.

Applying Lip Color

                      For a long-lasting, defined look, use lipliner, lipstick, and then a touch of gloss. Filling the whole lip with pencil will ensure an even application of color without the dry look of a matte lipstick.

  1. Line the lips with a pencil that matches the natural color of the lips; start with the top lip drawing toward the center, keeping the line on the natural line of the lip.
  2. Keep working toward the center, working the pencil from farther out toward the center of the lips.
  3. Apply the lipliner along the bottom lip, first drawing the line on the middle of he lip and then from the corners toward the middle. Fill in the whole lip area with the pencil.
  4. Work matching lipstick into the lips with a lip brush, pressing the lipstick into the lips.
  5. Blot, then apply clear gloss with a lip brush in the center of the lips.

Pro Tips

                     To enhance the strength of the lip line and stop lipstick from bleeding, apply concealer around the outside of the lips up to the lip line. If you smudge your lipstick or the line goes wrong, clean it up with a cotton swab dipped into cleanser and then fill the hole with concealer and re-draw the line.


                   Hope y’all have a wonderful day, so glad to be back from vacation.. I missed y’all!! Next weeks blog will me on its normal day of Tuesday!!



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