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Smoky Eyes: Everything You Need to Know!!!!


Smoky Eyes: Everything You Need to Know!!!

Smoky smoldering eyes take eyeshadow to the next level, creating a look that is sexy and suits different occasions and times of the day. Blending and practice are the key to perfecting the look.

Smoky eyes never go out of fashion and can suit everyone, whatever your age or skin tone. You can vary the intensity of the look depending on the time of day, your wardrobe and style, as well as your age and coloring. You can create smoky eyes using a single color, a couple of tones of the same color, or a contrasting accent color. To make the look stay crease-free all day, layer a cream eye base on after foundation and before using nude matte eyeshadow. For a smoldering sexy look, use matte eyeshadows.

  1. Do the eyes before applying foundation to your whole face, but do apply foundation over the eyelids first. As a base, brush nude matte eyeshadow all over the eyelids from the lash line to the brow as a base. This will help with blending and evening the tone of the eyelid. Lighten under the arch of the brow and inner corner of the eye with a paler color eyeshadow to open the eye.
  2. Line along the top lashes with black eyeliner. You can use a kohl pencil or a cream eyeliner applied with a flat liner brush. Work from the outer corner inward; then to ensure the line is solid, apply from the inner corner outward. The line should be thick and doesn’t need to be neat, as it will be smudged and blended over with eyeshadow.
  3. Smudge the kohl with a cotton swab. This makes an excellent base for dark eyeshadow and makes the look really intense around the eyes.
  4. Apply a very dark brown eyeshadow all over the eyelid up to the crease. Layer it on, building up the depth of color. Start on the outer corner of the eye and blend inward. On the outer third, blend the shadow above the crease line. Brush the shadow in all directions so it is a solid application. At this stage, don’t worry if the edges are messy- they will be well blended later on.
  5. To soften the top edge and fade the shadow toward the brow, smudge with a clean brush loaded with nude beige shadow, making small circular movements with your wrist all along the top edge of the dark eyeshadow.
  6. Apply a matte black eyeshadow along the lash line with a detail brush, to increase the intensity of the look. Smudge the color downward toward the lash and blend the upper edge into the dark brown.
  7. Apply matte black eyeshadow along the bottom lash line using a detail brush, taking it right up to the root of the lashes, and smudging the color downward. Line the inside rim of the lower eyelid with a black kohl pencil. Curl the lashes and apply mascara to the top and bottom eyelashes.

Pro Tip

This look is complemented with subtle contouring, blush and nude lips with a touch of gloss!

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