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Makeover 101:Everything you need to know to get started…


Makeover 101:Everything you need to know to get started..

            Whether you are entertaining at home or going for a job interview, it is good for your self-esteem if you make an effort to look your best. More than one makeup look is needed to suit the various roles you find yourself playing from day to day.

           You have your basic everyday makeup look. The makeup you would do for daytime may vary from workday to weekend, but the looks are ones you use over and over, maybe just changing an eye color or lip color to suit the season or the clothes you are wearing. When it comes to a night out or special occasion, you should give a little more thought to what makeup look you are going to do. This will always be met with positive comments from those around you and will stop you from getting into a makeup rut and looking the same all the time.

             Before an event, you always think about what you are going to wear, whether you need to buy something new, or take an outfit to the dry cleaners, as well as which shoes and accessories you will wear. You should also include in this planning what makeup look or do you need to purchase additional products?

             When I am doing someone’s makeup for a special event, I will always start with a consultation, asking lots of questions to build up a picture in my head of what makeup I am going to do. These questions are ones you can take into account yourself when planning makeup for a special event. These are the questions I ask:

  1. What is the event/occasion?
  2. What time of day does it start and finish?
  3. What color are you going to wear?
  4. What is the style of your outfit?
  5. How will you style your hair?
  6. What colors are you comfortable wearing?
  7. Have you seen any pictures of makeup that inspire you?

Ask yourself all these questions and then consider the following:

Makeup inspiration and choice should be taken from the color of the clothes you are going to wear. Your makeup shouldn’t clash with any bold colors, and you should choose complimentary colors from the same color palette. If you are going to wear all black with neutral accessories, definitely introduce color or a wow factor with the makeup.

Is there a period feel to your outfit choice? Does it lean toward one area more than any other? You may also choose to go for a hairstyle and makeup that lean toward the same period. It is usually best to do this with a modern twist.

If you are really unsure about color choice, stick to browns or grays. These go with everything and you can work on a scale of intensity, making the makeup more glamorous than you would for daytime.

Before you start applying your makeup, consider your plan, even if it’s just in your head. If you are doing a smoky eye, do the eyes first so you can clear up any fallen product. Be realistic about how long it is going to take you and allow enough time to do a good job.

Don’t stress yourself out on the day of an important event! If you have planned your look in advance and it involves something you are not 100% confident about, such as a strong red lip or false eyelashes, practice beforehand!

Pro Tip

Before you start applying your makeup, lay out all the products and tools you are going to use so that everything is on hand. Select a few key items to take with you for touch-ups, and don’t forget brushes or a puff if required!

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