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Correcting Techniques: All About the Nose!!!

correcting nose

Correcting Techniques: All About the Nose!!!

If you want to modify the shape of your nose, you’ll need to work with darker and/or lighter correcting colors. But keep them subtle. You don’t want to call attention to the very characteristic you’re trying to camouflage. And obvious sculpting is sure to draw attention. A base only half tone lighter or darker than your normal shade is sufficient to suggest a new shape. If the change you want is more dramatic, you may want to consider cosmetic surgery. A good makeup, after all, is only an optical illusion, not a structural one. (You can also modify the width of your nose usually by altering the eyebrow-to-mouth relationship.) But by a subtle play of light and dark on the nose, you can counter several obvious characteristics.

  • Skinny and short- Shade the bridge of the nose and highlight along sides, including the nostrils.
  • Hooked- Off set a high arch by shading any areas of curvature on the bridge.
  • Broad and flat- Use a lighter base on the bridge and shade the sides, including the nostrils.
  • Turned up- Use a lighter base on the bridge to make it appear higher. This will match the top part to the tilt.
  • Long- Shadow just underneath the tip, especially if the end turns downward.

The shape of your eyebrows and mouth can affect how people perceive the width of your nose. Lining up the inside corner of your eyebrows with the base of your nose will narrow a relationship of the top of the lips to the bottom of the nose also plays a part. Here’s how it’s done:

 Thin Nose:  Make your nose seem more prominent by aligning the eyebrows with the base of the nose. Fill in the brows, matching them to the width of the base of your nose. Decrease the distance between nose and mouth by making the upper lip look thicker.

Wide Nose:   Tweeze the inside corners of your eyebrows to line up with the base of your nose. A wider space between your eyes will bring the focus up and away from your nose. Then elongate the line between mouth and nose by narrowing just the upper lip.

2 thoughts on “Correcting Techniques: All About the Nose!!!”

  1. Hi MakeMePrettyPlz!
    I love these contouring tricks, have you personally tried the trick where if you want the tip of the nose to point up more, to cut the nose in half right before the tip with contouring?

    When my clients have a wide and large nose, I also part their hair off centered to offset the focus in the center away from the nose. Big hair also helps!

    Thank you so much for these tips!

    Liked by 1 person

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