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Correcting Techniques: Under Eye Bags!!!

Correcting Techniques:

Under Eye Bags!!!

Eye Bags

                Most women look at bags, pouches, or circles under the eyes as a sign of aging. True, bags can result from a weakening of skin tone, a loss of elasticity, or a thinning of the skin texture. But they can just as easily be the result of too much sleep, too little sleep, a sinus condition, or an allergy. Whatever the reason, pouchy-looking eyes can be distressing at any age. Here are some suggestions for camouflaging under eye bags:

  • Soothe your eyes by relaxing for three minutes with chamomile tea bags placed on top of each closed lid.
  • Apply your foundation first. If you have pouches or puffy bags, use a base half a tone darker than your normal shade on these areas. If you have deep circles, use a base half a tone lighter.
  • Apply a lighter concealer color to the blue-shadowed areas under the eye only. Use it on eyelids too if they are dark. Never put concealer on the swollen, pouchy areas.
  • Apply loose powder to the under eye area with a brush. Don’t press it on, as you do with the rest of your face. Set the powder under the eye area by running your little finger lightly around the rim of the eye socket. This will even out the powder, so it won’t stay on top of the skin and emphasize any wrinkles.
  • Pay extra attention to your lashes. A clumpy mascara application will make the whole eye area look dirty.
  • Don’t use mauve, pink, blue, or purple shades of eye shadow. They simply repeat the very colors you want to get rid of in the dark circles.
  • Don’t use black or dark-colored pencils around the eyes. On puffy days, use a light gray.

             See y’all next Tuesday with more Correcting Techniques. Next week will be all about the eyes!!! So make sure you stay tuned and subscribe!!! Love y’all!!! xoxo

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