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Correcting Techniques: Forehead and Jawline!!!

Correcting Techniques

Correcting Techniques: 

Forehead and Jawline

               Shading along the hairline or just at the base of your face helps to minimize a high forehead, a square jaw, a double chin, or a long face. But there are ways to do it. You don’t want to rub color carelessly across these areas. Here are some tips to help you.

  • Square Jaw – Avoid the natural cheek shadow of a square jaw when you begin to shade. Put the darkest color only on the most extended part of the jawline. Blend so that the roundest part is the darkest, shading lighter and lighter and lighter toward the center.
  • High Forehead – Lesson the demarcation between skin color and hair color by shading in a darker, oval area next to the hairline. This helps to soften the brightness of a high forehead and creates a rounder shape for the face. Narrow the shading as it approaches the temples.
  • Long Face, Double Chin – Use a darker color just under the jawline, blending from lighter at the outside to deeper in the center. (If you don’t have a long face or a double chin, leave this area alone.)

Sorry this was a short blog this week, next week will be Correcting Techniques all about lips!!! Hope this helps y’all out and if you need more tips on contouring your face shape go read my previous blog titled, All About Your Face Shape & Contouring Like A Pro. See you all next Tuesday with more makeup tips!!!!! xoxox ~Ash

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