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Tips to Look 10 Years Better!!!!

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Tips to Look 10 Years Better!!!

No matter what your chronological age, your face may feel slightly ahead of its time. If that’s the case, there are certain things to watch for.

 Base – The ideal color for a rested and fresh-looking complexion is a pinky beige. Select a base in a shade slightly lighter than your natural skin tone. A fluid base is better than a thick, covering makeup that molds to your face and accentuates all the imperfections of your skin.

 Concealer – Choose a cover-up that is close to the color of your base. The two should blend perfectly. White circles around your eyes will only make you look sad. You can also use concealer to smooth eyelids before you apply makeup and keep them fresher-looking.

Blusher – Use a luminous, creamy blusher instead of a dry-looking powder blusher. Add color high on the cheek pillows. Do not sculpt hollows.

 Eye Shadow – Avoid all creamy eye shadows. They will melt and accumulate in the folds of the eyelid. Use soft, subtle colors around your eyes. Avoid obvious black and all iridescences.

 Eye Liner – Use only a brown one or two tones if your hair has gone light (for whatever reason). But don’t go overboard. If your eyebrows are too light, it will take away your expression. If they’re too thin, your makeup will look dated. To accent, use only a taupe or a chestnut pencil (never black or brown).

Lip Color – Choose lipstick with a luminous color and a transparent texture. Pay attention to the formulation: Lipsticks with softening or protective ingredients will help prevent drying and chapping. Soft, smooth lips always look younger. After forty, you should outline lips with a pencil to keep color from “bleeding” into tiny cracks, keeping the color of your outline pencil as close to your lipstick shade as possible. Never make the outline obvious or modify the natural shape of the lips.

Powder – Choose powder with a transparent quality. It will obtain the exact color of your base without darkening it. If you prefer a tinted powder, do not use one that’s paler than your base. Always powder gently. To avoid accentuating wrinkles, press powder only on the middle of your face; dust it lightly over the mobile zones. (Mainly your T-Zone).

Hope this helps out and can’t wait to next Tuesday with more great tips!



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