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Makeup for Women Who Wear Glasses!!!! (Plus, eyeglass tips for your face shape.)

me with glasses

Makeup for Women Who Wear Glasses!!!

No matter how lightweight, clear, or visually non-existent eyeglasses frames are, they are going to throw a slight shadow on your face. So you must pay particular attention to your eye makeup. And this is the one time I’m going to suggest some exaggeration- just a bit… You need to bring your eyes out just a little more than most women. If you don’t wear eye makeup as a rule, do so when you wear your glasses. Or intensify the colors and strengthen the application of the makeup you normally wear. But this doesn’t give you permission to go overboard! Anything too dark, too dramatic, is going to draw the wrong kind of attention to your eyes. Be especially careful if you wear magnifying (farsighted) corrective lenses.

The secret is to lighten the entire eye area. Begin by brushing on a light concealer color in the shape of your glasses, going from just under the brows to the lower rim of the eye socket. Then powder, to set it. Apply your base and the rest of your makeup in the normal manner.

When it comes time to do your eyes, underline and shadow in the best way for their shape. Just remember, to keep the colors you select in a lighter range.

Reverse your play-it-up technique when you reach for the mascara. If applied too heavily, it will make dirty smudges behind the lenses. Mascaras with fibers can be too messy too.

When it comes to your eyebrows, two are enough! Never let them show above your eyeglass frames, or you’ll look like you have four eyebrows! Your eyebrows should either be hidden by the frames or follow their natural shape.

The frames you select and their color can enhance-or-hide-a-multitude of facial features. And their shape undeniably  influences the proportion of your face.

Eyeglass frames can perform other tricks too! A low bridge will shorten a long nose; a high bridge will elongate a short nose. You can narrow the space between your eyes with a darker-colored bridge. And if your eyes are too close together, you’ll want a colorless bridge. The very color of your frames can be a great complexion booster.

Choose pink or salmon to brighten a sallow complexion; gray, pale green, or blue to soften a rosy one. The general color rule to remember is: Lighter frames for lighter hair.

Oval – As with makeup, an oval face can get away with anything- rectangular, square, round, or triangular frames; thick frames, thin frames, wide frames, or narrow frames.

Square – To soften the angles of the face, look for gently curved frames. You don’t want anything wide, rectangular, or over extended. The lenses can reach below the cheekbones.

Round – Look for angular aviators or geometrically shaped frames. Anything too wide will echo the roundness of your face.

Long – A frame that divides the face horizontally is your best bet. Big, face-hiding frames are fine, as long as they are deep from side to side. A frame that extends beyond the sides of your face will make the narrowness more apparent.

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