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Top Tips for Applying Eyeliner!!!

Top Tips for Applying Eyelinereyeliner tips

  1.  When applying liquid eyeliner, draw out the shape in pencil eyeliner first, before going over it with the liquid eyeliner.
  2. Apply liquid and gel eyeliner sparingly using a thin, supple brush, building it up gradually- this is the best way to prevent smearing and running.
  3. Clean up any mistakes using a Q-tip dipped in concealer; then dip the other end into translucent powder and apply it over the same area to set it.
  4. Lining the inner rim of the eye with a creamy white or flesh-colored pencil is a great way to open up the eyes.

Gel or Liquid Eyeliner Flick

    A classic flick is a great way to extend your natural eye, making it more feline and elongated in shape. Don’t follow the curve of the lash line at the outer corner, as that will pull your eyes downward and make them look droopy. Instead, bring the liner out horizontally, making sure it tails off just above the outer corner of the eyes.

   The elongated flick  first became fashionable in the 1950s and is still a popular evening look. Follow the shape of the eye from the inner corner of the upper lash line to just before the outer corner and then flick the tail upward, which gives the illusion of lifting the eye up at the outer corners. This is a difficult look to achieve if you have deep-set or hooded eyes, as you need to be able to see the eyelid. The trick is to get the right shape: make sure the line tapers toward the inner corner of the eye, is at its thickest in the middle and then begins to slim out two-thirds of the way along with an upward flick just above the outer corner.

    The party flick  is a more extreme version of the elongated flick and creates a real statement. Think modern-day Cleopatra.

Top Tips for Creating a Flick

  1. Pros can draw a flick in one fluid line, but little movements are easier, so start by building up the line gradually so that if you make a mistake it will be easier to resolve.
  2. Look straight into a mirror with your chin up, so that you can really see the shape of your eye.
  3. If you are not confident about where the line should go, draw the flick lightly in pencil first and then go over it with the liquid or gel eyeliner.

Sorry there was no blog post last week, I was very sick with the flu and things will be back to normal with blogs up every Tuesday from now on…. I’m sorry y’all!! xoxo


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