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Party Eyes: 101- How To!!!!!

Party Eyes: 101 – How To!!!!

There will be times when the looks you feel comfortable creating just won’t do for either the occasion or your mood. In this case a little extra something is needed, and adding glitter or using a bold color could be just that pop you need!!

Pro Tip

           Eyes are the obvious feature to play up for a party look. A hint of glitter in silver, gold, or black along the lash line or outer third of the eyelid can be used to enhance a smokey eye, or you can go for a colored glitter and build the eye look around it. Experiment with bold colors, blending them over the eye; or for a different look, apply a solid black of intense color.

Using Glitter

  1. Follow the same steps as you would for a strong eye look. Then line along the top lashes using liquid eyeliner. Pull your eyelid taut so the line is solid. The skin on your eyelid is loose and can ruffle up slightly, which can give a broken eye line.
  2. Apply glitter over the inner-two-thirds of the eyelid. The easiest product to use and the one that will actually stay where you put it is glitter that is suspended in water or gel. It takes 15 seconds to dry so keep your eye closed until it is completely dry. Press the glitter onto the eyeshadow so that you don’t disturb it.
  3. Line inside the lower eyelid with a black kohl pencil. Pull the eyelid down slightly so it is away from the wetness of the eye and, making short strokes, line from the outer corner inward.
  4. To finish, curl the lashes and apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes.
  5. For additional sparkle, apply glitter as a highlight around the eye, on the cheekbone, and up toward the temples.

Pro Tip

           Glitter can be messy, so always do your eye makeup first. Use a disposable cotton swab to apply glitter, because it is hard to get out of brushes.

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