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How To Wear Color!!!

How to Wear Color

High-fashion looks, though inspiring, are mostly too extreme for everyday, so I wanted to interpret them in a wearable way.

The Bold Lip

       The lips are where most women feel comfortable wearing the brightest  colors. It is probably the “safest” way to go bold. The rest of the face must be flawless, with minimal makeup in neutral tones so that the statement color really stands out.

       Keep the eyes natural with neat brows, a simple color wash  of soft pearl taupe eyeshadow and black mascara. Use a “noncolor” blush – similar to the skin tone but just a bit warmer- to give a little definition and structure to the cheeks.

       To get a really sharp line and strong color, make sure the lip surface is perfect, without any flaky skin. Exfoliate the mouth, moisturize with a waxy balm, and then blot with a tissue to get rid of any greasiness. Use a bright pink lipliner to draw a perfectly symmetrical outline and then fill in the whole lip area. Layer matching lipstick on top.

The Bold Eye

            When you are wearing a bold color on the eyes, keep the rest of the face quite clean and plain but make a really sharp brow. I think a wash of just one bright color over the mobile lid and blended out looks gorgeous. You can mix two colors, but any more tends to look untidy.

           Bold is beautiful, but bold makeup is for the brave and you need confidence to pull it off.

          Define the brows with a natural pencil or powder. Work black eyeliner into the roots of the lashes to give a good foundation for the color and create a sharp line. Base the mobile lid with bright pink cream eyeshadow on top. The cream creates a good base for blending and holds and intensifies the pigment. Blend the powder up above the socket, so you can see the color when the eye is open. You want a really soft finish that is completely even with no blotches or hard edges. Apply two coats of black mascara. Nothing should take away from the bold eyes, so just warm up the cheeks and give them a little definition with matte bronzer. Keep the lips natural and nude with a creamy lipstick.

Bold Color Trends That Anyone Can Wear

  1.    Hot pinks and bold blue look amazing on the eyes, whatever your skin tone.
  2. Fuchsia lips are one of the most wearable ways to go bold. The color works on everyone, as long as you don’t blush easily or have strong red undertones.
  3. Bright red lips are classic, choose a tomato red with more orange in it if you have warm skin and a cherry red with blue undertones if you have cool skin.

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