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Take Off Ten Years With Makeup!!!

         There are a few typical beauty complaints that come with age- skin looks duller, fine lines and wrinkles appear around the eyes and lips, and brows and lashes may get sparser. These simple makeup tricks can take off ten years.


  1. Skin thins as you get older, so use lighter coverage- heavy foundation collects in wrinkles, drawing attention to them. Tinted moisturizers, mousses, light liquid or cream compact foundations give sheer coverage and absorb well.
  2. Use foundation sparingly, just where you really need it. Choose light-reflecting formulas.
  3. If you need powder for oil control, choose translucent talc-free powder with light-reflecting particles, or use blotting tissues. Mattifiying products can make mature skin look dry.



  1. To cover dark under eye circles use a pink-toned concealer. Dab a creamy textured yellow-toned concealer on top, matching the color to the rest of the face.
  2. A neutral palette of brown, taupe, beige, peach, and soft pinks is more flattering for mature skin. Blending is key, so invest in good brushes.
  3. Opt for soft brown or gray mascaras and eyeliners, as black can be harsh. Apply mascara to the upper lashes only and don’t overload them.
  4. Once you are over 50, steer clear of liquid eyeliner, which can feather into fine lines.
  5. To make eyelashes appear thicker, work dark brown pencil eyeliner between the roots, then go over it with a dark shadow and smudge gently.
  6. Use an eyebrow pencil in the exact shade of your brows to fill in any gaps with light feathery strokes, then apply a little brow powder.



  1. A touch of blush on the apple of the cheeks draws attention away from drooping eyes and adds warmth.
  2. Apply blush only to the apples of the cheeks. With age, the face becomes thinner and applying blush to the bones exaggerates this.
  3. Use moisturizing cream products rather than powder blush, and blend thoroughly.
  4. Warm bronze or peach blushes are more flattering than bright pinks.



  1. Lipstick will often bleed into the fine lines around the mouth, so apply a waxy lipliner to seal the lip. Draw the outline first, then smile to stretch your lips and reapply. Don’t draw outside your natural lip line. Apply a little translucent powder around the lip to set the color.
  2. Sheer finishes look more flattering than matte. Always choose a moisturizing or hydrating formula.
  3. Dark colors minimize lips, whereas a lighter, shimmering color makes lips look fuller. A dab of gloss at the center of the lower lip gives a fuller pout.
  4. For a glossy finish, either mix balm with your favorite lip color or try a lip stain layered with a dab of gloss.

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