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Color Wardrobe For Eyes!!!

  • Blue eyes – Enhance by selecting an eyeshadow in a complementary color to the iris. The complementary color to blue is orange, so shadows with an ocher, copper, or terra-cotta tone create a complementary contrast. Peach has a tint of orange, so is a perfect shade for a subtle daytime look. Opting for a dark blue eyeshadow will enhance blue eyes by surrounding the iris with an intense depth of color.
  • Green eyes – Green eyes can be set off by selecting an eyeshadow in a complementary color to the iris. The complementary color to green is technically red, so eyeshadows with a red, violet, wine, burgundy, or maroon tone will create a complementary contrast. Pink is a tint of red, so would be a perfect shade for the daytime.
  • Brow eyes – Brown does not have a complementary color, but most eyeshadow colors suit brown eyes. To intensify the color of the iris, opt for shades of brown, such as chocolate, soft browns, and taupes. Purples and greens, particularly pistachio green, look great on brown eyes, while light pastel shades also work very well.
  • Hazel eyes – As hazel eyes have flecks of gold, brown, and green, the complementary colors are tones of blue, violet, purple, and red. To enhance the color of your eyes, opt for olive and emerald greens, gold, and orange tones. A blue eyeshadow will emphasize any blue skin tones, such as those in under eye circles. Make sure your skin looks flawless and you have covered any blemishes.



      Test color on your hand before you buy. Some eyeshadows look fantastic in the palette but produce such a light wash on the eye that it is hard to build up intensity. Some colors that look bright in the palette are much softer on the skin. Always test products on your skin before you buy! That’s my number one tip! Have a great week and I will see y’all next Tuesday for more!!! xoxo – Ashley

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