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How to Find Your Perfect Coverage of Foundation!!!!

What coverage foundation do I need? This is a common question that everyone will ask themselves before applying foundation.  So I came up with some tips to help you decide which type of coverage is the best for your skin type. 

  • Good Clear Skin – Liquid sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer provide the lightest, barely-there coverage that evens out skin tone and gives extra radiance.
  • The ODD Trouble Spot – Heavier liquid foundations or cream-to-powder formulas offer slightly more coverage.
  • Problem Skin – Cream or stick foundations give full natural coverage and are suitable for hyper pigmented or scarred skin.


        This is the lightest form of almost transparent coverage, which allows the skin to show through and simply evens out tone and gives an extra glow. This sheer finish is achieved with tinted moisturizer, which is ideal for young healthy complexions and is also a good option in the summer when a light, dewy base is often desired. Tinted moisturizer usually comes in only three or four shades – from light through medium to dark. Choose the shade that’s closest to your skin tone, but because the formula is so light and sheer it’s hard to go wrong – you can get away with one that is as much as two shades darker. Smooth tinted moisturizer all over the face, pressing it into the skin rather than wiping it on and off. Use a very light wax-based concealer to disguise any areas of redness or dark shadows under the eyes.

Naturally Radiant

          To create a luminous natural semi-matte complexion that is perfect for every day, use a light hydrating foundation containing light-reflecting particles. Apply the foundation only where you need it to even out the skin tone – around the nose, on the nose bridge, cheekbones, and chin. Use a pointed synthetic brush to press the product into the skin and blend it well. Use concealer to build up extra opacity where you need it. For evening or a more luminous dewy glow, blend cream highlighter along the cheekbones, brow bone, and collarbone. Then set with the lightest dusting of very fine talc-free translucent powder. If your skin is oily, mineral makeup applied with a flat-topped natural-hair polishing brush would achieve a similar naturally radiant base.


            Unless you have problem skin, this maximum-perfection coverage is best reserved for nighttime when you want a really flawless finish – think full-scale screen-siren glamour.  Matte foundation is applied all over the skin with a pointed synthetic brush. Perfectly color-matched concealer is then used to color-correct under the eyes and around the sides of the nostrils, and to hide any blemishes and flaws, with special care taken to ensure it is fully worked in so as to avoid creasing. To finish, the makeup is set with very fine talc-free translucent powder.