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Foundation Application 101: Tips & Tricks! Everything You Want or Need to Know about Foundation!!!!

  • Always prepare your skin properly before you start. Foundation applied to dry skin quickly looks flaky. Powder on top makes it worse and blending blush becomes impossible.
  • Apply an appropriate moisturizer for your skin and let it sink in for five to ten minutes before applying foundation- this will prevent a patchy finish. This is especially relevant if you are using a cream foundation, which tends to cake if skin is even slightly dry.
  • Using a primer will help makeup to last longer and is particularly good if you have skin that absorbs makeup. It helps to even out skin tone and provides a perfect base for foundation. Don’t use a primer as a substitute for moisturizer, though.
  • Apply foundation only on the areas that need it to even out skin tone – around the nose, chin, or cheeks. Use a dabbing motion that pushes the product into the skin rather than wiping it on and off in the same movement – a foundation brush, sponge, or fingers are all fine to use.
  • As with all makeup, blend, blend, blend, making sure you work foundation into any crease and being careful to avoid tidemarks at the jaw and hairline.

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