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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Concealer!!! Concealer 101! Tips & Tricks!!! :)

Concealer 101 Part 1:

Color-Matching Concealer Tips

  1. Color-match in natural light. Blend a little concealer around your nostril: the correct shade will disappear into your skin.
  2. Make sure the concealer is not too light for your skin, as this will accentuate blemishes and dark circles.
  3. Liquid concealers are the sheerest and are ideal if you have very fair skin.
  4. If your skin is medium to dark, creamier compact or stick concealers will tend to work better.


Concealer Application Tips

  • Using a stiff flat synthetic brush or the pad of your finger, press concealer into the skin with firm pats. Use a twisting motion to work it into the skin and ensure you are not wiping it on and then off.
  • For very light coverage, use concealer on its own without foundation. Cover a spot or any patches of discoloration with concealer, then set with a light dusting of sheer translucent powder.
  • For more coverage, apply foundation and let it soak into the skin. Then apply the concealer, patting it in very lightly to avoid wiping off the foundation underneath. Blend the edges well and set with powder.


Part 2 will be this Friday!! It will be all Tips and Tricks using Concealer!!! Dark Circles, Eye Bags and more…..

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