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Blush Application 101!!!

Well applied blush should enhance the shape of your face and flatter your bone structure. Learn the shape of your cheeks, so that you feel confident about where to apply color. Smile at yourself in the mirror- the two cushiony areas that stand out are the “apples”. Suck in your cheeks and feel the hollows and cheekbones.

For a natural flush of color, use a soft pink or apricot, or a sheer stain or tint. Dab blush on the apple of your cheek using a brush for powder and fingers or a sponge for other textures. Don’t apply color near the hairline or above the cheekbone, since you won’t be able to blend it out.

If you’re using a brush, make sure the head is not so large that you can’t control where you’re placing it. Sweep the brush over the product and tap away any excess before applying.

Blend the color from the apple upward along the cheekbone, but don’t take it down toward the nose or the hollow of the cheek. Lighten and soften all the edges, so that there is no line of color and the blush fades seamlessly.


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