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Red Lips: Everything You Need To Know! Tips & Tricks!!!

For the elegant glamour of 1050s Hollywood, red lips never go out of style, but precision is essential. Choose a lipstick that suits your coloring – deep, plumy reds look fantastic on dark skin tones, cool blue-based reds suit pink-toned and pale skin, while orange-based reds are less draining on a warmer complexion (but make sure it doesn’t accentuate any redness in your cheeks).

  1. Prepare you lips well. Dab foundation around the lip area and over the lip itself. This tones down any redness and ensures the line of the lips will be sharp and defined.
  2. Use a matching waxy lip liner to prevent any bleed around the lips. Spend time drawing the outline, making sure the lips are completely symmetrical and the bow is even. An uneven top lip shows up with red lipstick more than any other color. Start at the V of the Cupid’s Bow and take the liner right into the corners.
  3. Fill in the lip with the pencil to hold the lipstick in place and make it last longer. Go over the pencil color with a lip brush, working in into any creases.
  4. Paint on the lipstick using a lip brush for precision, starting in one corner and working inward. Use the tip of the brush for the edges and the flat of the brush for larger areas. Blot with a tissue and apply another coat.
  5. Add a dab of gloss in a clear or slightly lighter shade at the center of the lower lip and press your lips together to give an illusion of fullness.


  1. Red lips spell grown-up glamour and should be worn with confidence.
  2. Hair color is irrelevant when choosing the right shade of red- it’s skin tone that counts. Pink tones are best suited to cooler “blue reds”, while darker, Mediterranean, and Asian skins are better suited to “orange reds”.
  3. Red lips will be the focus, so keep the rest of your makeup minimal.
  4. A red -tinted lipgloss will give a more subtle effect.
  5. Try not to touch your mouth so you don’t risk smudging the lipstick. Matte finishes are more resistant to smudging than gloss.

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