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Everything You Want to Know About Lips!!!!

Thin Lips

  • Use sheer shimmery shades- dark colors make a mouth look small, while lighter shades make lips look fuller.
  • Using a lipliner that matches your lipstick, accentuate your lips by drawing on the outer edge of your lip line.
  • For a fuller pout, add a dot of shimmering gloss at the center of the lower lip and blend it out by pressing your lips together.
  • Plump up your pout by wearing a lip plumper alone or under lipstick.

Overfull Lips

  • Darker colors and matte textures make lips seem smaller. Avoid very pale shades or shimmery textures as they can make lips seem fuller.
  • Use a neutral lip liner to draw just inside your lip line. Alternatively, placing the color  at the center of your lips and blending it out.
  • If the bottom lip is larger than the top, use lipliner on the top but not on the bottom, and they will seem to match more evenly.

Feathery Lines

  • Use a lipliner, the waxier the better – it forms a barrier that helps lipstick stay on the lip.
  • The brighter the lipstick, the more obvious the bleed will be, so use a neutral lipliner, even if you then choose to fill in the shape with a brighter lipstick.
  • Blot with a tissue after application. Apply a little translucent powder around the lip to help seal in color.

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