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All About Nails: Tips and Tricks!!!

From a barely there French manicure, to classic red, to dramatic chocolate and navy, to fashion-forward neons and metallics, immaculately manicured nails always give a groomed and polished impression.

Available in a rainbow of colors – from natural beiges and pale pinks, through every imaginable shade of red, to statement colors such as acid yellow, gray, and black- nail polishes also come in plain, glitter, pearlized, and metallic finishes. Think of your nails as an accessory and experiment with different looks. Bear in mind that pale, nude colors are easier to apply and lower maintenance than dark colors, which show up smudges and chips more readily and look good only when they’re gleaming. Soft, natural colors can be worn with most shades of lipstick without the risk of the clashing.

As a rule, you get what you pay for and the more expensive polishes tend to go on more evenly, have a more intense color and last longer without chipping. To prolong their life, screw the lid on tightly and store in a cool, dark place.

Mix or Match?

Fashions come and go, so it’s up to you whether you match your fingers to your toes, and your nails to your lipstick. Here are some tips!

  1. Make sure your nail polish doesn’t clash with your lipstick.
  2. In general, it is more flattering to have lighter fingernails and darker toes.
  3. Different shades within the same color family look elegant. Try beige or tan on your fingers and a bronze or warm coffee on your toes, or try soft pink on fingers with a stronger pink of toes.
  4. Contrasting shades that complement each other because they are both warm-or-cool-based can work well. A shimmering white on the fingers look great with blood-red toes, for example.
  5. Never mix orange and pink or apricot and red!

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