How to: Smoky Eyes

At some point we all want to try the smoky eye. It’s sexy, smoldering- what’s not to like? But go too heavy with the dark hues and you can wind up looking like you’ve been in a bar brawl. Not a good look. Women with closely set or very small eyes ought to avoid the option altogether because it can look too overwhelming. (Don’t worry, there are other trends for you to play with!) For the rest of you, here are the basic steps for creating the smoky eye.

Get the Look

  • Start with the first five steps: foundation, under-eye concealer, spot concealer, powder, and highlighter.
  • Next, line your upper and lower lash line (right into the roots of the lashes) with dark eyeliner, such as black or chocolate brown. Smudge it with an angled brush (or a Q-Tip), so the line is soft.
  • If you have large eyes, line the inner rim with black eyeliner for an extra sultry look.
  • Apply matching dark eye shadow from your lash line up to the crease, and sweep under the lower lash line to soften the pencil.
  • Now use a softer color in the same family, such as burgundy brown or eggplant, and sweep it into the crease.
  • Add another sweep of shimmery highlighter under the arch of each brow and to your eyes’ inner corners, by the tear ducts.
  • Blend, blend, blend together so there is a gradation of color, from darkest at the lash line to lightest under the brow.
  • Sweep black mascara on the top and bottom lashes.
  • Last, swipe on a pearly sheer plum lip gloss.

Hope this helps with your smoky eye looks! See you next Tuesday with some more great tips and tricks! Have a great week and remember to always smile, it makes any look ten times better and you always look better with a smile! 🙂


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