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4 Steps to Perfect Brows!!!

  1. Trim any wild hairs. Brush brows straight up. With manicure scissors (curved or straight – what matters are the tiny, snippy tips), trim any extra-long brow hairs that poke out of line. Note: if you’re Asian, your brows may naturally fall downward. If that’s the case, brush brows down and trim any stray hairs that fall below the natural shape, then brush them back up into place.
  2. Find your starting point. Rest a brow brush along the edge of your nose horizontally. One end should touch a nostril and the other should pass right over your forehead. Where the brow brush crosses your brow is where your brow line should start. Map out your other brow the same way, and pluck strays in the unibrow section that falls between these starting points.
  3. Map out your arch. Starting by the edge of your lips, angle the brow brush diagonally so it passes right over the edge of your iris, the colored part of your eye. Where the brush crosses the brow is where your arch should be. Some women have a pointed arch; others have arches that are just slightly curved. Pluck any strays under this area  so your natural arch is defined.
  4. Find your endpoint. Again, shift your brow brush so it lays against your nostril and angle it back to the outer corner of your eye. This is where the endpoint of your brow should be. Nix strays that fall outside or below this area for a clean taper from arch to end. In general, full, long brows look more youthful and are easier to carry off than skinny brows.

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