How To Get The 2-Minute Makeup Look!!! (Everyone can do this)!!!

If you’ve only got two minutes before you miss your bus or you’ll show up late to work, I’ve got a method for you to get out the door in time and look like a million bucks!!!

Step 1: Use Concealer

Use a brush to apply or your fingers. Apply to any blemishes that you want to cover up.

Step 2: Powder

Grab your powder and dust all over the face. It’s great for absorbing excess oils. Make sure to apply to the neck as well.

Step 3: Blush

Apply with a brush on clean cheeks, any color that’s natural flush.

Step 4: Mascara and Lip Gloss

Apply bit of both of these products, and you’re good to go!!! Your 2-Minute makeup look is completed!


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My name is Ashley Gaspard, I am 32 years old. I have been a Makeup Artist for over 12 years now. I have learned so many beauty tricks over the years, and decided to help people by sharing what I have learned. That's why I created my blog, MakeMePrettyPlz. I want to Motivate, Teach and Help Improve People's Self-Confidence through sharing my beauty secrets that I have learned over the years. If I get to help one person, then I have accomplished my goal in life. So, help me get the word out and let's make this world a beauty place, inside and out!!!

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