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My Favorite Glitter & Shimmer Tips and Tricks! (From One Makeup Artist to Another)

  • Don’t overdo the shimmer – if you have shine on your eyes, keep lips nude or matte; if lips are shimmering, keep eyes to a similar pearl finish and avoid shimmer on your face.
  • There are myriad shimmering shades for eyes, from all-out sparkle to subtle pearl. Try before buying, as shades that seem subtle in the palette can be more sparkly on the skin.
  • For day use soft shimmering shades as a wash across the lid or to highlight under the brow bone, but save glitter and highly pigmented shimmer for night.
  • Subtle shimmering shades that work well on mature skin or for daytime glamour are: soft bronze, brown, gold, peach, purple, and pearl.
  • Lightly shimmering highlighters gives the face definition and luminosity. If your skin tone is cool, opt for a silvery tone, if your skin tone is warm or olive, use a gold-based highlighter.
  • Shimmering lipsticks or glosses in nude or pale pink add freshness to the look, but frost finishes tend to look dated.

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